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12 Capybaras That Are Tired Of Your Nonsense

1. “What’s going on up there? Oh. Uh. Never noticed that before.”


2. “Spring? Pffft. I am so over flowers.”


3. “Hey mom, hey mom, it’s a human!” “Pay them no mind, kids. You’ll tire of them soon.”

Capybaras Om nom nom nom nom


4. “Can’t I get some literary nonfiction in here? These bodice-rippers are such a bore.”

capybara reading


5. “Just another day at the factory…”

capybara showering

6. “I accept no responsibility for this shameful litter.”

capybara offspring

7. “Someday, woman, I will be the one behind the wheel.”

capybara car

8. “This is the personal space bubble. Do not cross it.”

capybara hoop

9. “I don’t know why more people don’t do this. It’s simple. Gets me where I need to go… and I can do my favorite thing, sleep…”

capybara turtle

10. “Okay, whatever, avian.”

capybara maxin relaxin

11. “Can you show me to the HR office? I demand proper recompense at once…”

capybara desk

12. “Oh, you think I’m ‘cute’? Psh. Well, you’re not terrible either.”

capybara zoo